Stayed up late, playing out a fantasy in my mind starring a nameless, faceless man.

The faceless man, is gorgeous enough to give me the hots.

It’s a Tuesday night. I’ve upset him. I said something I shouldn’t have, according to him, that is. But God, I only said what needed to be said. What we agreed I’d say, 6 months ago. Ask for a breakup, or at least to end our fake relationship.

You see, we started this as a joke. It was my idea, to do all the relationship stuff together for half a year, called it a practice run, preparation for the real thing. Without falling in love with each other of course. In the last few months we’ve gone on lots of trips, we’ve gone on dates, held hands in public, French kissed in front of friends, we’ve a shit ton of photos together, looking like we were in love but that’s just the thing, it’s not even real.

All the kissing, the cuddles, the love-making. At least, he wasn’t. You see, I haven’t been able to hold up my end of the bargain, I’ve broken the do not fall in love rule and I tried to leave before he beat me to it.

I think it’s time this ended‘… He looks up at me from his computer, looking every bit the epitome of beauty that he is, slightly adjusts his glasses, he does this often, one of his absentminded ticks and says ‘what?‘. That voice… ‘this…’ I proceed to gesture around everything ‘us… It’s been six months. Atleast, it will be in a few days, so we might as well do it now‘.

He makes to stand up, and boy did he look pissed, and walked purposely towards me. It would interest you to know, he isn’t a very muscular guy but what he lacks in body mass, he more than makes up for in height. An entire 6’3 of male gorgeousness. He would be my undoing. As he gets closer, I back away until my back is against the wall and I’m closed in, a mistake on my part. If he looked angry before, he looked mad enough to crush something now, and I don’t even understand how he could be upset, this was in fact what we agreed on.

His hand instantly went around my neck, not in a bid to hurt me, this was him showing me who was in control. I felt my pussy getting wet at this tiny act, another problem, I liked what he did to me a little too much for my own good. ‘what the fuck are you saying’ oh boy. I’m in trouble. His face was so close to mine, peering down at me, even while he looked like he would rip me a new one, his eyes softened as they bore into mine. ‘we… Should...’ and I started stuttering. He looked slightly amused.

Abruptly drops his hands and pulls me along with him, towards the bedroom. Excitement rose to my throat but I quickly realise I was in trouble when he brought out the belt. He would punish me and I would love and hate it. My eyes glowered when I saw the chastity belt, the shiny metal calling to me. It would be a very, very long night.

No, not that one… I can’t‘ he smiled. The wicked promise in his eyes made my heart race, and my pussy wet… Well, wetter. He pulled me down on the bed, and said an eeringly calm ‘open your legs for me baby’.

Baby. So simple. So sweet. So mind shattering.

He said it in a sweet way, but also in a way that said he wasn’t asking. I stared at his face, and spread my legs.
The metal, looked like a g-string, soft on the inside, unfaltering metal on the outside, he fitted the belt over my clit. Fastened the rest of it over my waist. Pulled it tight enough that it fit perfectly, but also in a way I couldn’t get out of it, then he put a small padlock on it. With him keeping the key.

With access to my clit barred, it started to throb. My brain focused there. The problem with this belt was that, it caused slight friction, not nearly enough to get me off, but more than enough to make me sex starved. Fucking crazed. He knows this. He does this whenever I’ve been a ‘bad girl‘.
He slid in besides me, kissed the top of my head and said ‘sleep well, we have a full day tomorrow‘.

As if that would happen. I mean, the sleeping well part. I tossed and turned, desperately trying to rub against the belt, for just a little more friction, frustration marred me, I felt like I’d a child that couldn’t have chocolate. Which sucked because I wanted chocolate. I wanted him to fuck me like he was going to break me. I wanted the fucking chocolate. I finally fell asleep.

Wednesday morning, I woke with my clit throbing, not next to him, he was already up. He was looking at me. He moved to where I was and unstrapped the metal from me, I was thrumming with need. ‘you okay?‘ what? ‘no of course not. I’m throbbing with unfulfilled need’ I’m pretty sure I saw a smirk run across his face before he brought his head between my thighs, and planted a kiss on my clit mumbling stuff I ain’t hear.

When he brought his head up, he said ‘shower, get dressed and be ready in 20,we have appointments to keep. And do not touch yourself’ oh yeah? How you gon know? He knows. He always knows.

20mins later, I’m ready to leave. And he’s dressed in an impeccable suit, meaning this is serious business. He looks like a god. And he wears it with such confidence, it can pass as arrogance.
First appointment.
Breakfast. We had lasagna.
Then shopping. Or rather, me standing like a doll while he had the attendant play dress-up with me. Ending with lingerie and garter, all white and lacy and a pair of stilleto heels.
Then Waxing.
This I suspect, was to keep me sore so whatever he had planned would be easier.
Then a Massage. To relax my nerves, or atleast the hairs standing at the back of my neck from anticipation or fear of what he’s got planned.
Then we were back in the car, on our way back home. His face was passive, giving nothing off. Still he opened the car door for me and held my hand as we walked up to the elevator. He kept his hand around my waist till we got into the apartment. Then his demeanor changed.

I’d had to change my clothes and was now wearing the lingerie and heels after the massage, and it gets interesting. It’s almost 5pm now. So when he stalks up and removes the knee-length jacket from me, revealing me in nothing but lace that spilled both my ass and titties from virtually everything. Nothing was hidden, I don’t even know how this sells, I’m naked with lace ropes hanging over parts of my body.

do your legs hurt? Can you stand?‘ why is he asking that.? ‘yes‘ what am I saying yes to? What is wrong with me? ‘good‘ and then he stops speaking. Comes up to me and lavves my mouth in sloppy French kissing. By the time he was done, I was in heat. He’d pulled my hands above my head close to the wall, and now they were bound.

He said he’d blindfold me but I needed to see him and what he was gonna do to me. My nipples were hard knots at this point. He bent his head flicked his tongue on one, then the other and I hissed as his tongue touched the sensitive buds. He sucked and bit, for a leisurely time, gently pressing the other one. When he came up for air, he looked crazed. Starved. Hungry. For me. This made me very happy. Like a little child. That finally got chocolate.

He pressed himself into me and took my mouth in a possessive grip, kissing me, leaving me breathless in his wake. While he lavished my mouth with kisses, his right hand found the lace ropes around my waist, the ones connected to the ones around my clit and tugged, so it went into me, a little moan escaped me, then he dug his forehead finger and slightly moved it on my pussy lips.

Slathering his fingers with wetness, then the kiss broke and he focused on getting his fingers inside me, and with his free hand, lifted my left leg so he had more room to roam inside me. He shoved one finger in, then another and it was so full, he didn’t try adding a third finger, just rubbing and moving inside me lazily, his eyes pinned on me with a slow steady command, letting me know I’m not to close my eyes.

When he pulled his fingers out, he stilled for a second, deciding whether he wanted me to suck his fingers, or if he’d do it himself. Deciding in the end to lick his own fingers, then he went down on me. My hips bucked when his mouth made contact with me, between biting and licking and flicking his tongue, my legs gave out. Well, nearly, he had a firm grip on them.
He could feel them wobbly vibrations and I felt him smile.

He was fucking smiling. Then he comes up and crushes his mouth on mine. The taste of me, on his tongue, was divine. So good. So right. Then he pulled off the lace ropes on my breasts that that store attendant called lingerie. Ripped them right off so he could have full access to them. While he licked one nipple, he palmed the other breast. He looked every bit as gorgeous with his head bent and his eyes closed. He occasionally added a little teeth to his repertoire and then he’d switch, then repete.

When he was done lapping my nipples with his tongue, he made to untie my hands and fuck, they’d gone numb. The blood rushing made the ache so much worse, as he bent to take the shoes off, lightly pull me down and carried me to the bed. Where he spooned me and petted my hair, smothering me in forehead kisses and extending them to the rest of my face. Then he fell asleep with his face in the crook of my neck.

Not long after, I follow suit. But I’m up before he is, starving for water. So I haul my naked ass down to the kitchen, and get a drink of water. A cold one, then an idea forms in my head. I should wake him up with ice in my mouth lapping at the tip of his cock. I grinned. A full on grin, a quirky one, so I proceeded.

I put ice cubes in my mouth. Moved back to the bedroom, climbed on and pulled the covers off him. He must have taken his clothes off after I’d fallen asleep but uhm, he was naked. Good for me, it’ll be easier for me. I tentatively brought out the tip of my tongue, adjusting the ice cubes in my mouth so they don’t fall out, and licked the tip of his cock. Slow circles at first, then I took all of the tip in my mouth and felt him hardening.

Unsure what came over me, I spat out one of the cubes so more of him could fit in my mouth and when I slid the tip of my tongue down the pretty pink tip of him, to the base and back, I heard him groan. If his voice was sexy, his groans… His fucking groans. The sounds he makes.

baby…’ so I’m lifting my eyes and looking at him. ‘you’re trying to seduce me. What do you want?’ what did I in fact want? I’d passed out in frustrated exhausting last night, I needed to be thoroughly fucked. Before the built up sexual tension inside of me erupts and I’m nothing but a sex starved, sticky nonsense.’ you. Fuck me. I need you‘.

That was all he needed. Because he was flipping me over and crushing his mouth on mine. ‘I’m not gonna be inside you yet’, before pulling my legs apart, running his face along my thighs and thrusting his tongue inside me. He really wasn’t going to.

I almost went off. ‘hmm, fuck’. I clawed at the sheets and moaned in accordance. His tongue snaked around inside me and I was gone. It was when he bit my clit and instantly started licking it that my eyes flashed open, my back arched, and I was writhing, making inaudible noises. This is what I get for being a bad girl? Fuck being a good girl then. After a night of insane torture, this, I decided was well deserved.

He took every last moan from me, relentlessly licking away as I came undone. And my legs trembled. It was too much. So good. He ignored my groans, as if he enjoyed it too much to let go.

too much’ I managed to mutter. Clawing at the bed, trying to escape. Noooo. He wasn’t letting me. His hands firmly gripped my thighs as he feasted away, forcing another bout of orgasm from me. While my pussy constricted around his tongue, it stiffened and he fucked me with me.

Totally and completely helpless, I was. Sensations wracked my every nerve. I was gone. Mindless. Overwhelmed. I came undone. Lying there with my eyes shut so tight, they teared up, orgasm after orgasm ripping through me. When he finally pulled his tongue out, my legs were violently shaking.

He pulled me into himself. When I asked why he wouldn’t fuck me he said ‘I want you to beg’.


Everyday is someone’s birthday.

I’d say birthdays are truly and
undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and most important days in a person’s life.

And when it’s a friend’s birthday, it’s kinda really important you make it a priority to make them feel how special and how important they are to you, or else, you might be on the unfriended list(no pun intended).

Sincerity is the key to writing a birthday letter to someone important, keeping in mind that you need not to use high sounding words unless you are writing a poem or any creative letter, and that it’s the emotion and the thought that counts.

Today, is the birthday of the man I love, but.

Anyway, if today is your birthday, Happy birthday and have fun.