You can’t not text me

I don’t like calls, they get under my skin, probably because my voice gets really shrill. That and the sound of the human voice does something to a person’s soul. Don’t call me.

It’s even worse when you call more than twice, like I’m not with your spinal cord. I haven’t had a ringtone since the dark ages of the 80’s and my notifications are off so calling me more than once is basically a waste of both our time so if you someone I want to talk to, and I see the call, I’ll take it or I’ll call back if I don’t see it–if I don’t want to talk to you, I’ll watch my phone as many times as you call. And I won’t call back.

I can watch my phone, I actually do watch my phone ring and wait for it to stop so I can text the person and ask them what they wanted. Calling me gets me in weird zones like ughhh, that is so 1990 or what the hell is that.

But don’t fucking forget to text.

It’s a given, whether we playing, dating, just talking or whatever–you have to text me. I don’t care if it sounds cheesy or makes me look weak, just text me. I like texts, it keeps what I say way more organized and I can reflect before hitting send. I love being sent meme’s and people being like this is you or this made me think of you. Even though it’s roasting me(smh). Like thank you for thinking of me and actually texting. šŸ˜˜


Author: whinney


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