Just wondering

Can you feel me thinking about you?

Maybe wish you’d fought harder? Or atleast given yourself a reason to stay?

Do you miss me like I miss you?

When you are alone, do you think about me?

Do you think about me when you lie awake at 3am?

Do you even remember what I sound like when I’m ecstatic?

When nobody understands you or even cares to, do you wish to talk to me?

When you’ve thought of nothing but giving up, do you wonder what I would say to you if you came to me?

When you sad and dousing yourself to sleep, do you think of me?

When perfect comes on the radio, do you think of me?

Do you think of me when you see someone that isn’t as tall as you are?

When someone in a suit walks by, do you remember me endlessly talking about my love for its perfection?

Do you think of me when an episode of supernatural comes on the TV?

Do you think of me when quotes about whatever pops up on your feed?

When you eat your breakfast, do you wonder if I’ve eaten?

Do you wish we were back in each other’s lives like nothing ever happened?

Can what’s been done to us be undone?

Would you even consider fixing us?

Do you still love my laugh?

When you pause for a second from whatever it is you doing, do you let thoughts of me wander into your mind?

Do you think, maybe we could have done better?

Who is your second favorite girl in the world now?

Do you get nervous when an unknown caller rings you? Deliriously anxious, wondering if it’s me on the other end?

Do you even regret not trusting me?

Do you wish we tried harder?

Are you really better off with me gone?

Do you still hate avocado’s?

What’s your favorite breakfast?

You ever want to have a legit conversation with me? Like what happened to us?

Do you miss me when you least expect it?

Do you check to see if I’m online? My last seen maybe?

Did you start calling someone else the nick you had for me?

Did you think about calling me once, since then?

Who do send good morning text(s) now?

Why does it feel like you’ve forgotten about me?

Who do you send your favorite songs now?

Do you think of me when you wake up in the morning and realize that I’m no longer a part of your life?

Am I as easy to forget as it seems?

Does your heart pound when you are reminded of me?

Does it take all your strength to stop you from telling me you still care?

Do you think what we had mattered? Was it real?

Can I call?


Author: whinney


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